Frankincense Essential Oil Single (4028)

Frankincense Essential Oil Single (4028)

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Balsamic aroma, stimulating relaxation, peace, soothing, for dry and aging skin, precious essential oil used for spiritual connection since ancient times

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INCI: Boswellia carterii Oil

INFO: Essential Oil Single

Scent profile:
resinous, balsamy, lightly camphorous with a hint of citrus
Main compounds: pinene, borneol, cadinene, olibanol

Aromatherapeutic properties:
It has antibacterial and diuretic effects. Relieves pain, brings calm, harmonizes the mind, eliminates unease, has sedative effects. It is suitable for colds, makes coughing easier, boosts immunity. It helps to deal with menstrual problems, works against diarrhea and flatulence. Promotes scar tissue formation. For its characteristic aroma used during meditations.

Application in cosmetics:
For oily, mature, problematic skin susceptible to inflammations. It promotes skin regeneration, improves its tonus, has astringent, anti-inflammatory effects. Traditionally used to prevent skin sagging and wrinkle formation. It can be used in preparations countering stretch marks. It is also used as a fragrance fixative.

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