Neutral Bath Oil (1017)

Neutral Bath Oil (1017)

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Without any essential oil content

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A special preparation without any essential oil content, ideal for those who want to experiment and mix their own personal formulas, and also for those who are drawn by a bath oil without fragrance, or who have hypersensitive skin or worry about allergic reactions. It contains vegetable oils, biostimulators and emulsifiers.

Main ingredients:
Vegetable oils, e.g. almond, soy, walnut, jojoba. Specifc essential oils. Emulsifers. Vitamins A, E, &, lecithin

Pour 10-20 ml (1-2 tablespoonfuls) of the bath oil into the stream of water while filling the bath (this way you will achieve the best mixture of water and oils). The water temperature should be above 32C, feeling nice and cozy, but must not cause perspiration. The skin then could not absorb the active ingredients found in bath oils. As the water cools down during the bath, it is possible to add hot water. It is a good idea to massage the body during the bath with a washcloth or a bath brush. Do not use soap or other bath additives, the bath would lose its effect. The recommended duration of the bath is around 20 minutes, but it may, of course, be longer. After the bath, do not shower, just dab yourself dry.

To use these preparations in baths for kids, just add 1 teaspoonful in the baby bath.

The aromatherapeutic bath is highly pleasurable. The warm bath will clean your body in a gentle way, and will make you feel as if reborn. A relaxation bath should be taken at leisure. It shouldn't finish on leaving the tub, but we should recline for another thirty minutes to an hour afterward. Relaxation baths are fine also in late hours of the evening. The worries and stress of a working day will "remain in the bath", making falling asleep so much easier.

Bath oils are made of highly valuable vegetable oils, essential oils, vitamins and herbal complexes. This composition represents an ideal treatment for the skin. Bath oils provide the skin with healing and stimulating substances already when having a bath. They cleanse the skin gently yet thoroughly without damaging its protective film (pH approx. 5.5), the so called hydrolipidic, mildly sour protective coating.

We can, therefore, see bath oils as washing agents of the future, as their use provides a prevention against skin damage. Various skin problems appear most oft en due to a long-term use of surfactant-containing products (bath foams, shower gels and so on). Bath oils are therapeutically very effective when used regularly. Their essential oils enter the body not only through vapor inhalation, but mainly through the skin. The high efficacy is due to the relative length of time a bath typically takes, and also the fact that the greatest organ of the body – the skin – comes into extensive and prolonged contact with essential oils and their effects. Bath oils can be used for all skin types, and they have also worked very well for people who are sensitive or allergic to soaps and bath foams.

Aromatherapeutic oil baths are also suitable for whirlpool baths as part of balneotherapy, during which essential oils are absorbed more thoroughly by the skin. Bath oils don't produce foam when used, and so they can also be used for aerated baths.

It is possible to add hot water during the bath to maintain a constant temperature. It is useful to massage your body with a washcloth or a bath brush. Do not use soap nor any other bath additives, the bath would lose its effect. The bath should be taken for about 20 minutes, but it can be even longer (e.g. up to an hour with a cold). After the bath, don't take a shower, just dab yourself dry.

Canola Oil, Juglans regia Seed Oil, Laureth-4, Glycine soja Oil, Lecithin, Simmondsia chinensis Seed Oil, Triticum vulgare Germ Oil, Butyrospermum parkii Oil, Prunus amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Sesamum indicum Seed Oil, Tocopheryl acetate, Retinyl palmitate

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