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We like cooperating with people with heart and vision

We believe in body-mind oneness as an important factor related to personal well-being, therefore we share contacts of people we know personally and 


Michael Moorthaemer 
Michael Moorthaemer, Life Therapist, Councelling & Couching, Energetic Work in Amsterdam (in the North Holland area). Areas for treatment: stress, burnout, anxiety, low self esteem, depression, feelings of unhappiness (for no reaseon, in a relationship, at work,..). Therapy for individuals. Praktijk voor levenstherapie Amsterdam Michael Moorthaemer



Klara Dittinger
In 1994 I started being interested in macrobiobiotics and especially in connection with oriental diagnosis, yin yang classification of an organ, nutrition and diagnostics, ways of natural healing.
In 1998 I started studying shiatsu and I keep focused on it till today. Shiatsu, the Namikoshi stretches, hara, diagnostics, micro-systems (pelvis, shoulder blade, hand, foot). Within shiatsu therapy I also focus on children with various disorders (hyperactivity, with night terrors, cerebral palsy, etc.).
1998 full body massage of lymphatic vessels
2002 graduated at Wat Po Traditional Medical School (Bangkok,Thailand)
Klara uses products of Aromatherapy Karel Hadek.
Massage Klare Dittinger Aromatherapy Karel Hadek




Arjan van Elst
Pianist, composer, teacher.
Music that moves me and others is where I'm passionate about.
Arjan van Elst piano




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