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Although there's a large quantity of washing products on the market that are designed for intimate hygiene, there isn't a single preparation among them that could be described as appropriate in terms of sensitive treat-ment of genital mucosa. As far as we are aware, all these products contain surfactants – substances that might well have a high cleaning potential due to their ability to dissolve fat, but they damage the skin and mucosa. The use of these products weakens the functionality of the delicate mucosa, creates a loss of equilibrium among the present symbiotic microorganisms which then results in the damage. It is also interesting to point out that people who anxiously take care of their hygiene suff er the most from the use of these inappropriate products! Main ingredients: Highly valuable vegetable oils such as almond, walnut, jojoba, soy. Essential oils such as lavender, thyme, lemon. Lecithin. Emulsifi er. Vitamins, e.g. A, E, F.

Properties: They clean gently yet thoroughly genital mucosa. They maintain the symbiotic microfl ora's equi-librium. They meet all the conditions for a natural mu-cosa treatment. It acts as an antiseptic and a deodorant. a natural herbal fragrance. Excellent yet gentle cleaning eff ects. It doesn't irritate the delicate genital mucosa.

Expert view: Intimate hydrophilic oils by Karel Hadek are great disin-fectants without unpleasant side eff ects such as itching or burning. They contain vitamins A, E, F and lecithin, and so it would be a pity not to make use of healing powers of these substances and to wash them off with water right aft er application. That's why i can recommend its application on the vaginal opening not just right aft er washing but already half an hour to two hours before the bath. This procedure will promote the growth of vaginal epithelium and will increase its resistance against fungi and bacteria. It will bring down the number of mycotic or other infl ammations in the vagina, and it will oft en neutralize the problem during intercourse. Applying it on the vaginal opening always before an intercourse will make it more pleasurable even for women who don't experience any problems. Another advantage of these preparations lies in the possibility of their application during swimming, indoors and outdoors, because it cre-ates a protective layer on the vaginal opening's lining that provides suff icient protection from bacterial infec-tion or an allergic reaction to chlorinated water.

MUDr. Václav Fišer, gynecologist


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